Finding Causes and Treatment of Diabetes

Diabetes is caused when the body produces little or no insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is produced by the organ known as the pancreas and is used to regulate the sugar in the bloodstream. In the case of someone having diabetes, the blood sugar does not get absorbed inside cells due to a lack of insulin and as a result, this causes a number of problems. There are two main types of diabetes, Type 1 or diabetes mellitus and type 2 diabetes. In case of a type 1 sufferer, the organ pancreas is completely unable to make insulin. Some evidence have suggested that this may be caused, in part, by a viral infection. In type 2, the problem occurs when there is not enough insulin made by the pancreas and whatever is made is soaked up in fat cells. Type 1 diabetes usually has its onset with young people under the age of 30 while type 2 diabetes, sometimes referred to as adult onset diabetes, usually occurs in people over 30 years.

To avoid the complications of diabetes, type 1 sufferers must take measures to regulate the blood sugar. Treatment can either involve taking preventive maintenance or through insulin replacements. In preventive measures, the sufferer must watch the food he or she eats as this will determine the blood sugar. Having a well-regulated diet is essential. Such a person also avoids sugar, honey, sweets and soft drinks that are packed with sugar. If a sufferer of type 1 diabetes does not watch what he or she eats, this can result in blood sugars getting out of control that this can have long-term complications and can result in quick and severe illnesses.

In the case of the type 2 diabetes, the sufferer has to control what he or she eats as this type of diabetes is usually worsened by excess weight. Usually with a good diet, it is possible to regulate this type of diabetes. While some doctors recommend use of pills to make the pancreas produce more insulin, there is a limit to this. In both of these two types of diabetes, it is essential to ensure that a balanced diet is maintained and that regular exercising is undertaken. A positive outlook is also essential and so is following medical direction to the letter. Having a positive outlook will help a sufferer to maintain a regular balanced schedule that can go a long way in ensuring that he or she lives a happy productive life.

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Diabetes Causes, Diabetes Treatment

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