Diabetes Blood Sugar Level

Diabetes is a serious condition that affects millions of Americans.

diabetes-528678_1280It is a disease that can seemingly pop up without warning and greatly alter your lifestyle. Yes, diabetes is something that can be lived with, tolerated but not ignored. Diabetes greatly increases the risks of other complications, including heart disease. The best way to prevent the onset of diabetes is understanding diabetes risk factors, and engaging in preventative measures in reducing the different kinds of diabetes risk. And the  sure way to manage this disease is to know what diabetes blood sugar level is all about and what yours is.

Know that diabetes testing starts with a measure of blood glucose levels. Blood glucose is the kind of sugar found in the blood.

This sugar comes from the foods we eat like carbohydrates. It is important because this is where the energy the body needs to function comes from. In fact, diabetes blood sugar level monitoring is what diabetic patients are taught to do to keep them healthy.

Obesity is a huge problem.

The largest diabetes risk factor is obesity. Obesity is at pandemic levels in the United States of America as more than an estimated fifty million of Americans are clinically obese. This sort of additional weight is very stressful on the pancreas and its ability to produce the appropriate insulin levels. Insulin production is the key to diabetes and makes being overweight the most dangerous diabetes risk factor.

Insulin is a very important hormone that helps the body process glucose. It is naturally produced by the pancreas and then is slowly released to the blood when the body detects glucose levels rising. This is why when diabetic patients eat, and the body does not produce enough insulin to process this, they need insulin shots to make the body function in an optimum way.

Another large diabetes risk factor is a sedentary lifestyle.  Sedentary means a low activity lifestyle. Are you the type of person that prefers sitting in front of the TV over going for a walk? Do you drive to work or take public transportation? Sit at a desk all day or move about the office or workplace? Staying on your feet increases blood flow and healthy circulation. This all diminishes diabetes risk.

Finally, the third largest diabetes risk factor is, unsurprisingly, an unhealthy and unbalanced diet. Diets that are severely high in fat and processed sugar increase the diabetes risk. Better to have a balanced diet from a variety of natural sources and food groups to decrease your diabetes risk.

As you can see, the major diabetes risk factors are not complicated nor surprising. Many people that lead healthy lifestyles have relatively low diabetes risk. However, more and more Americans lead unhealthy lifestyles that make them vulnerable to diabetes. A simple and uncomplicated shift to a better diet and an active lifestyle will more or less eliminate your diabetes risk. Incorporating moderate cardiovascular exercise several times a week will help you shed those unnecessary pounds, as well as increase your blood flow and circulation.

A healthier diet will help you lose weight as well, in addition to providing your body with better nutrients. Reducing your diabetes risk is not expensive or difficult. And it has the additional benefits of reducing risks for other chronic conditions such as heart disease as well. Know what your doctor says is the appropriate diabetes blood sugar level for you and keep track of it. Know when it increases beyond the normal range and also when it dips.  There is no reason to wait any longer; reduce your diabetes risk today!

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