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diabetes-528678_1280Is it possible you have diabetes or pre-diabetes? Type 2 Diabetes involves an issue with proper insulin levels, whereas pre-diabetes is a condition where people have blood sugar level problems. Both conditions occur in people of all types, races and ages.

Because of increasing obesity rates diabetes is affecting more and more people at a younger age.

Anyone who pays attention to the media has certainly heard that the occurance of diabetes among humans is on the rise. It’s a staggering number actually with more 20 million Americans affected by diabetes. Hold on to your seat though as there are over 40 million Americans who have what is called “pre-diabetes”.

According to the American Diabetes Association before people get diabetes they have “pre diabetes” which is a condition where “blood glucose levels that are higher than normal but not yet high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes”

While pre-diabetes can often be reversed or managed, it’s important to note that research shows that long term damage usually occurs to the body of those who have pre diabetes.

Especially vulnerable is the circulatory system and heart which are often affected during pre-diabetes. According to Web MD prediabetes may more than double an adults odds of dying from heart disease.

Fortunately there is a good chance that Type 2 diabetes can be prevented, or at least delayed if you can solve some of the problems that ay be causing diabetes symptoms in the first place.

If you have a concern over whether you have diabetes or not you may want to take the type 2 diabetes risk test at the American Diabetes Association site

Many people suspect they have diabetes but don’t know for sure how to diagnose whether they are diabetic. Some of the common symptoms of diabetes includes blurred vision, fatique, frequent urination, an insatiable thirst for water, hunger attacks and slow healing of wounds and sores.

A fasting glucose test is the best way to find out if you have diabetes. It is suggested you ask your doctor about the best way to find out if you have diabetes.

If you are motivated to improve your lifestyle a lot can be done tp rpevent diabetes. Proper diet and exercise will go a long way to keep your body functioning and prevent problems with the pancreas and diabetes. More info on the pancreas

If you do have diabetes you can find out what options are the best to control your blood glucose levels, possibly even without meidcation or insulin injections. The American Diabetes Association is a great place to find info on the treatment and care of diabetes.

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